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February 25, 2014

Check out all the YM and WM editions

All issues of Writer’s Magazette and Yesterday’s Magazette are available.* Click here:http://writersmagazette.magcloud.com

* http://yesterdaysmagazette.magcloud.com


Also view our new site at http://www.epburkepublishing.net

and visit us for a fabulous deal at http://www.shoestringpublishing.info




August 8, 2011

Print/Digital Editions for Yesterday’s Magazette

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Check out the great deal for the printed and digital editions of Yesterday’s Magazette.


April 8, 2011

News Update From E. P. Burke Publishing

Lately, I’ve been very busy updating and completely overhauling many of my websites. But now it’s time to stop and tell you all about it. So let’s get started with the latest news from E. P. Burke Publishing:
First, I’ve recently launched a multitude of “magazette” sites:
*You can view all the new links now at: http://magazettes.com
You will also learn all you need to know about “magazettes” here.
Writer’s Magazette (http://writersmagazette.com) – formerly The Perspiring Writer Magazine – is now listed on Magazettes.Com along with other magazettes. The Magazettes Information Center is where you will find quick links to all of the Magazettes!
*The new email address for WM is: writersmagazette@gmail.com
Golf Magazette and Senior Golfers Magazette are two new magazettes for golfers. Check ’em out now! Lots of golf tips and golf bargains!
Authors Showcase Magazette is a web site for and about today’s authors. Give it a look and then add your book to this friendly site.
Writing Magazette and Writing Help Magazette gives today’s writers two one-stop centers for e-books, software, articles and much more. Take a look and grab some of the bargains.
Bargain E-Books Magazette has a ton of great buys on all kinds of new e-books, software products, and more. Stop by and save some money!
Yesterday’s Magazette is celebrating its 38th birthday! Started in 1973, YM is the “original magazine of memories” and is always looking for personal essays about the past. Remember: The online version is FREE! And now YM is available in digital and printed editions.
☞ Grab the super bargain deals now being offered for these two killer instructional e-books: How To Be An Online Magazine Publisher and Hey! You Wanna Be A Writer? Both these large e-books come with bonus books. Act now before a price increase goes into effect.
E. P. Burke Publishing is always striving to bring you the very best websites, eMags, e-books and glossy magazines. So be sure to visit E. P. Burke Publishing and the Magazettes Information Center often.

March 4, 2011

Free Online Writing Magazine

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Grab a FREE subscription to the Writer’s Magazette online issue and then check out the Printed/Digital Editions offer.

February 2, 2011

Latest News From E. P. Burke Publishing

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Thank to subscriber Linda Collins for this classy e-mail and to all those who sent congratulations for E. P. Burke Publishing’s recent award for being one of the “Top 500 Small Businesses Recognized For High Customer Engagement Rates in E-mail Marketing.”

The award was a nice start for 2011 and your comments, as always, were deeply appreciated.

I also want to mention Madonna Dries Christensen’s latest book, “Toys Remembered” that can be purchased now at Amazon.com. Click this link http://amzn.to/e7qYNw to purchase. All proceeds from this book, as well as from her last book, “Dolls Remembered,” go to the Down Syndrome Association of Northern Virginia. Also, check out Madonna’s website at http://www.doorwaysmemoirs.com for the recent winners of the Doorways 2011 anthology of life history stories. As one of the judges for this contest, I found all the entries a joy to read.

I “officially” began my customary battle to finish my two magazines, Yesterday’s Magazette and The Perspiring Writer Magazine. Both spring issues are scheduled to launch on March 1. So I have to get a move on. 

I’m happy to report that the printed versions of both magazines are gaining in popularity.

 Go to: http://yesterdaysmagazette.com or http://theperspiringwriter.com and click the “Printed Editions” link for a free preview to see what everybody is talking about.

January 17, 2011

E. P. Burke Publishing Wins Award

Press Release

E. P. Burke Publishing Wins VR500 Award

E. P. Burke Publishing of Sarasota, FL Is One of the Top 500 Small Businesses Recognized For High Customer Engagement Rates in Email Marketing

SAN FRANCISCO, January 17, 2011 – President E. P. Ned Burke of E. P. Burke Publishing was recognized by VerticalResponse as a winner in their quarterly customer awards program, the VR500. This awards program highlights the top 500 small business customers that have maintained high email engagement rates – as demonstrated by their average email open and click through rates. To qualify for the awards, customers had to have sent at least four email campaigns in the fourth quarter of 2010, and mailed to a list size of between 100-500 opt-in subscribers.

“I am most proud of this award,” said Burke. “I like to think E. P. Burke Publishing has a personal connection to all subscribers, especially to those supporters of our magazines, Yesterday’s Magazette and The Perspiring Writer Magazine.”

“VR500 award honorees, such as E. P. Burke Publishing, are successfully using compelling email content and consistently meeting subscriber expectations for frequency,” said Janine Popick, CEO of VerticalResponse. “The winners prove that email marketing is being used very effectively to help grow small businesses.”

For details and updates on the VR 500 award program, go to: http://www.verticalresponse.com/vr500

December 13, 2010

Get 25% off “Hey! You wanna be a writer?”

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Right now you can grab a beautiful, perfect-bound, copy of “Hey! You Wanna Be A Writer?” at a 25% discount. Go to: http://bit.ly/WannabeMC

December 2, 2010

Winter Issues of TPWM and YM Are Live!

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Get a jump on the crowd and check out The Perspiring Writer Magazine and Yesterday’s Magazette right now!



Both online versions are free.

September 5, 2010

Yesterday’s Magazette & The Perspiring Writer Are Live!

Yes, the new fall issues of Yesterday’s Magazette and The Perspiring Writer Magazine are now online for your reading pleasure.

Both magazines are FREE and jammed with informative and entertaining articles.

View Yesterday’s Magazette now at: http://yesterdaysmagazette.com

The Perspiring Writer Magazine  is at: http://theperspiringwriter.com


June 1, 2010

YM and TPW Magazine Summer Issues Are Live!

Well, the waiting is over!

The new 2010 summer issues of Yesterday’s Magazette and The Perspiring Writer Magazine are now live online and awaiting your reading pleasure.

* Go to: http://yesterdaysmagazette.com to view Yesterday’s Magazette.

* Go to: http://theperspiringwriter.com to view The Perspiring Writer Magazine.

Also, please be sure to tell your friends to sign up for a free subscription so they can read these informative and entertaining online magazines as well.

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